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140th Annual A. P. & H. Crookwell Show

10th & 11th February 2018

On behalf of the organising committee I invite you to enter the flock ewe competition for 2018.


The dates for the next on-farm judging are confirmed for Wednesday 24th January and concluding Thursday 25th January 2018 with presentations to follow that evening at the Crookwell RSL Club.


Next year the Ewe Competition will be celebrating 10 years and the committee are pleased to welcome back Matthew Coddington “Roseville Park” as a judge for 2018. Matthew will be joined by Craig Wilson, our returning judge.




Attached with this letter are the Conditions of Entry and an Entry Form. Please ensure that you have read and understood the Conditions of Entry and that your form is filled out in full to give the judges a complete picture of your operation.  On the reverse of the Entry Form there are some questions that we ask each entrant to answer. This information will be passed onto the judges for their own use prior to the on-farm visits. The information on the reverse side will not be appearing in the books.




In conjunction with the 10 years of competition, the committee is planning a dinner to reflect and celebrate the success of the Ewe Competition. This will be held at the Crookwell RSL Club on the evening of 25th January, at the conclusion of judging. Please return the slip below to indicate the number of persons attending; further details regarding cost etc. will follow as details are finalised.




I would suggest that entries are posted back quickly as numbers are limited to allow us to get around the area within the two days. Entries close 30th November 2017.




Entry for the 2018 Flock Ewe Competition is $50.00 (Cheque payable to Crookwell A.P & H Society).




Please send completed entry forms with payment to;




Flock Ewe Competition


C/- Michael Lowe


645 Binda Rd.


Crookwell NSW 2583




Entries Close 30th November 2017.



Kind Regards,


Shannon Arnall


Chief Steward




Download 2018 Entry and Information Pack (pdf)


Download 2018 Competition Booklet



Conditions of Entry



1. The competition is open to any person, partnership or company; provided the sheep exhibited have been bred on the property of that person, partnership or company and the property is in the Crookwell region. For boundary clarification please contact the Chief Steward.


2. The sheep exhibited must have been running on the property of the entrant for the full twelve months and must carry the registered earmark of the entrant.


3. Sheep entered in the competition must not carry more than twelve months wool. Rugging and/or pampering of sheep included in the entry is not allowed. If, in the opinion of the judges and/or committee other non-commercial practices have been carried out, they may disqualify that entrant from participation in that year’s competition. The judge and/or committee’s decision will be final.


4. To compete, all “classed in” maiden merino ewes of the same drop showing no more than two(2) permanent teeth must be available for judging. A minimum of 50 ewes are required to compete.


5. Teams will be judged on the following scale:

Wool quantity for type 50 points

Wool quality & character for type 50 points

Conformation, Structure, Size for type 50 points

Commercial Qualities 25 points

Culling percentage 25 points

Total 200 points


6. Each exhibitor must complete an entry form. A fee of $50.00 will be charged to assist in covering costs, and payment must accompany the entry form.


7. On the day of judging all maiden ewes must be presented as one mob in a yard for judging with access to a drenching race. The judges will instruct when to fill the race for further inspection.


8. In addition, entrants will be required to display their top five ewes in a separate pen on judging day. This gives each entrant an opportunity to present the direction of their breeding operation and to give the judges an idea of where the breeder wants

to be in their enterprise in the future.


9. Exhibitors shearing after 1st December 2017 are entitled to present 10% (to a max of 50 head) of their maiden ewes in full wool for judging. Apart from the exhibitors top five these should be a random selection.


10. Eight finalists will be announced in no particular order at the presentation evening. Four finalists will be from entries shorn before 1st September 2017 and four finalists from entries shorn between 1st September 2017 and 24th January 2018. First to Fourth placings will be awarded in each category at the Crookwell Show with the highest scoring flock being awarded the Champion Prize.


11. All entrants (or a representative) are required to attend the presentation evening at the Crookwell RSL Club on Thursday 25th January 2018.


12. Five ewes from each of the eight finalists must be displayed at the Crookwell Show, where the placings will be announced on Sunday 11th February 2018 at 1.00pm. Display is from 9.30am to 3.30pm. A National Vendor Declaration and National Sheep Health Statement must be provided prior to displaying ewes at the show.


13. Any person, partnership or company, who is a registered stud of the N.S.W Stud Merino Breeders Association or who has bred and then sold or traded merino rams to another merino enterprise within the last five years, will be ineligible to enter the



14. If joining is in progress the exhibitor may leave the rams in if they desire.


15. Exhibitors will be required to provide some basic information, as per Entry Form details, regarding the sheep and property operation on the day of inspection.


16. Standard culling percentage of approximately 30% is deemed acceptable in the commercial sheep industry. Extremes above or below may incur penalties where the judges see fit.


17. All decisions and judgments made by the committee will be final.





Champion Maiden Ewes

$500 ANZ Agribusiness


Open Section

1st Prize: $500 ANZ Agribusiness

2nd Prize

3rd Prize:

4th Prize:


Spring Shorn Section

1st Prize: $500 ANZ Agribusiness

2nd Prize:

3rd Prize:

4th Prize


AWN Award

Cash prize donated by Australian Wool Network.

Award to acknowledge continued support of the Flock Ewe Competition to an exhibitor who has not received a top five placing after three years of entry.


Judges Pen of Five

Award for the best presented pen of five ewes on farm


Future Development Award

$50 voucher donated by Southern Tablelands Fibre Testing.


People’s Choice Award

People’s choice of the best pen of ewes displayed at the Crookwell Show.


Top Five Prize

Awarded to the person who selects the top five flocks as announced at the conclusion of judging.



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ANZ Agribusiness

Flock Ewe Competition


PO Box 13

Crookwell NSW 2583



E: secretary@crookwellshow.com.au

P: (02) 48321 140

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