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Horse Sections


The Crookwell A. P & H Society Annual Show provides competitions in various sections, Horse Events and Harness Racing.  Events run over a two-day program.

11 and 12 February 2023

Horse Section A Schedule

Horse Health Biosecurity Declaration


Chief Stewards:    Adam and Kim Derwent


Ringmasters:        Adam and Kim Derwent



  • Ring 1   Lea Douglas

  • Ring 2. Val Robertson

  • Ring 3 Lorraine Cleary

  • Ring 4. Rosemary Agnew

  • Ring 5. Glenda Forbes

  • Ring 6. Colin Brown


  • Ring 1  Lorraine Cleary

  • Ring 2. Lea Douglas

  • Ring 3. Val Robertson



  • DPI Record of Attendance Form and Waivers are at the back of the schedule and must be completed before coming to the Entry Caravan for tickets

  • Entries must be made at the Entry Caravan on the morning of the event

  • Entry Fees are $6 per entry.  All Entry fees must be paid before competing. 

  • Entry tickets must be handed to the Ring Steward before being judged in any event

  • For safety reasons riding helmets must be worn


Competitors’ Waivers:

Competitors will be allowed to compete without signing an Indemnity Waiver as long as they can produce a current EFA Membership Card

Drug testing may be carried out at this Show.


Any competitor found to have breached the ASC disputes and disciplinary regulations will be investigated by the ASC Disciplinary Committee.


A copy of the Rules for Prohibited Substances and Discipline for Horses is available at the Entry Caravan.

Horse Exhibition Rules and Regulations


  1. Awards will be made public as judged.

  2. Age of all horses or ponies:  to be calculated from 1 August.  Every horse/pony foaled before 1 August in any year shall be deemed to be one year older on that date.

  3. Attention all exhibitors:  if the ringmaster, in his/her opinion finds that the behaviour of any exhibitor is offensive or disruptive in any way to any other competitor or official, then they may be asked to leave.

  4. Breed classes:  all exhibits must have a current registration or be foal recorded with its respective Breed Society/Association. Papers must be produced on request.

  5. Broodmare:  is a mare or filly which has a foal at foot, is visibly in foal, or has a pregnancy test certificate.  Broodmares are not eligible to compete in any other class.  Wet mares must be accompanied by their foals.

  6. A novice saddle horse/pony:  is one which has not been placed first in any saddle class at an agricultural show

  7. Riders in age classes:  shall be as the first day of the show. Proof of age must be shown on demand.

  8. Stallions or colts:  may compete only in classes specified and must be led by a competent person 18 years of age or over. If a Stallion/colt is one year old or over, it must have a bit in its mouth.

  9. Judges decision:  once a class has been judged, it shall not be rejudged.  The judge’s decision shall be considered final.  No exhibitor or their family shall approach a judge with regard to a decision, unless he/she first obtains permission from a show official or ring steward who may arrange an appointment with the judge at a proper place and time.  A member of the Society shall remain in attendance during this meeting.  The judge may refuse such a request.

  10. All protests must be lodged with the secretary within 24 hours of the notification Crookwell A P & H Society Inc Horse Section of the judge’s award.  Each protest must be accompanied by a deposit of $50.00 which will be forfeited should the protest be deemed by a majority of the committee to be frivolous.

  11. The society will not be responsible for any accident that may be caused through or by an exhibitor or exhibit.  And it shall be a condition of the entry that such an exhibitor shall hold the society blameless and indemnify it against any legal proceeding arising from such an accident, and the Society will not under any circumstances be responsible for any loss or miss-delivery of livestock or other exhibits of any kind, or injury done thereto.

  12. A Pleasure Harness Horse is one which can be safely taken out on a club type drive and give the driver a relaxed, stress free time.  It should have features such as *does not pull, *can move along on a relatively loose rein, *does not have to be pushed along, *has a good strong trot, *is a willing walker, *is happy to stand for a long period of time, **is obedient, *can turn willingly on both reins and *is not inclined to shy.

  13. A Pleasure Harness Horse workout should include at least several of the following:  *walk, *halt for at least 10 seconds at a particular spot
    eg beside a cone, *trot through a serpentine of cones, *trot to the left and right, *a controlled rein back, *a shafting to the left and right, *simulation of going through a gate - stop and wait for “gate” to be opened by steward, walk through, stop whilst “gate” is closed and then move off and *walk or trot past an object on the ground eg raincoat.  Horses will be watched in the line-up as well to see if they are happy to stand and wait or are jiggling about and restless.

  14. A Pleasure Turnout should include *a horse with the above characteristics, *a safe vehicle which would suit a pleasure drive with accessories such as a picnic lunch, head collar and lead, bucket and feed for the horse, *strong safe harness, *quick release clips preferable, *driver and passengers can dress in a more causal style than for a “show” turnout and the whole turnout should be neat, clean and well maintained.

  15. NB: Rings commence at 8:30 am (unless otherwise stated) and must be finished by 2:00 pm on Sunday.

  16. Entry:  $4.00 (unless otherwise specified)


Property Identification Codes (PICs)

As from 1 September 2012 people with horses on their property need to apply for a PIC – this is a bio-security measure.  PICs are assigned to individual properties and allocated by Livestock Health and Pest Authorities, who maintain the register.  You may already have a PIC if you pay your rates to LHPA.  Forms can be submitted online through

Every exhibitor bringing horses to the show will be required to list each horse being shown together with the PIC for the property from which it has come on the Waiver form before competing.

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