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Gold Ribbon Major Sponsor
Blue Ribbon
Red Ribbon
White Ribbon

ANZ Agribusiness – Flock Ewe Competition

Elders Crookwell – Commercial Cattle Competition, Flock Ewe Competition, Sports Shear Competition


Elders Insurance - 2023 Annual Show, Flock Ewe Competition

Harts Pharmacy – “The Land” Showgirl

Lindner Quality Socks. Merino Sheep Section, Sports Shear Competition


Carlton United Breweries – Bar 


Anthony O’Brien Plumbing – Sports Shear Competition, 2023 Annual Show

Yellow Ribbon

Nicholson Farm Machinery – Cattle & Sheep Sections


Crookwell Tyre Service – Car Show, Sports Shear Competition 


Quality Wool – Flock Ewe Competition


Australian Wool Network – Flock Ewe Competition


A P & H Society Patrons – Commercial and Stud Cattle Sections


Byrnes Contracting – Flock Ewe Competition


Crookwell Top Pub – Sports Shear Competition


Crookwell District Earthmoving – Sports Shear Competition


Divall’s Earthmoving – Heavy Horse Section


Laggan Grain Shed – Flock Ewe Competition and Poultry


Chocka Block– Sports Shear Competition 


Culley Vet Services – Sports Shear Competition


Monbeef – Commercial Cattle


George and Wendy Quigg – Woodchop; George Quigg Sponsorship Race


Matt and Liz Gay – Horse Ring Events


Crookwell Lions Club – 2023 Annual Show


Harts Pharmacy – “The Land” Showgirl


Davies Newsagency – Photography Section


Brian Doyle Stone Masons – Pavilion Rose and Flower Sections


Brett Maher – Pavilion Sections


Cadfor Murray Greys – Commercial Cattle Section Trophy


Myanga Angus – Commercial Cattle Section 


Ian Miller – Commercial Cattle Section 


Fertspread –Wool Section


Fitness 2583 – Sports Shear Competition


DJ & CL Makin Wool Press Repairs & Hire – Sports Shear Competition

Gullen Range Wind Farm Pty Ltd – 2023 Annual Show


D & W Earthmoving – Sports Shear Competition


Nutrien, Crookwell – 2023 Annual Show


Haynes Shearing Contracting – Sports Shear Competition


Bryton Wools – Sports Shear Competition


AL & CM Seaman Transport – Sports Shear Competition


Stock Owners Shearing – Sports Shear Competition 


Redhill Pastoral Co – Sports Shear Competition 


Burras Service Centre – Woodchop 


JD’s Hardware and Rural – Woodchop


Hewitts Ag & Plant – Woodchop

Green Ribbon

Carlon Farm Services – Flock Ewe Competition


Goulburn Poultry Fanciers – Poultry Section 


Duncombe & Co – Flock Ewe Competition 


Thalabah Merino Stud – Flock Ewe Competition


Carrabungla Merino Stud – Flock Ewe Competition


Lochness Merino Stud – Flock Ewe Competition


Hewitts Ag & Plant Repairs – Flock Ewe Competition


Royalla Merino Stud – Flock Ewe Competition


Stillbrook Merino Stud – Flock Ewe Competition


Hazeldean Merino Stud – Flock Ewe Competition


Homesville Merino Stud – Flock Ewe Competition


Barry Murphy - Flowers

Ray White Real Estate – Flock Ewe Competition


Australian Wool Innovations Ltd – Flock Ewe Competition


Boc Seaman Livestock – Flock Ewe Competition


Crookwell Veterinary Hospital – All Livestock Sections


Crookwell IGA Supermarket – Sports Shear Competition


Crookwell Shearing, Spreading, Scanning – Flock Ewe Competition, Sports Shear Competition


Spackman Motors – Car and Bike Show 


TWG Wool – Wool Section


Melon Pastoral Company – Cattle Section


Kia Ora Limousins, Mick and Mary Parsons – Stud Cattle Section, Poultry


MD & JJ Anderson – Flock Ewe Competition


McGeechan Farm Supplies – British Breeds and Merino Sheep and Commercial and Stud Cattle Sections


K & J Haynes – Sports Shear Competition 


Walwa Merino Stud – Merino Sheep Section, Flock Ewe Competition, Commercial Cattle Section, Wool,


Culley Vet Services – Commercial Cattle Section, Flock Ewe Competition


MPC Kanga Hire – Wood Chop Competition


Thalabah Merino Stud – Sports Shear Competition


Hilldon Poll Dorset Stud – Sports Shear Competition


Upland Pastures Motel – Wood Chop Competition

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The President and Committee wish to sincerely thank our sponsors.
You have all helped to make the Crookwell Show possible.
Thank you.

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