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Commercial Cattle Competition

2024 Section B Cattle Schedule


COMPETITION AREA: Entries accepted from Upper Lachlan Shire 

ENTRY FEE:  $50.00 per property. The Committee encourages entrants to enter in both categories, however, entrants may enter only one category or Steer or vealer section. 

* 2020 drop heifers joined or unjoined. (minimum of 10), 15', 2nd and 3rd
* Cows and Calves (minimum of 10), 151, 2nd and 3rd 
* Champion commercial herd. Overall champion from combined heifers and cows and calves will be awarded a broad ribbon.
* New steer section Feeder or Prime (minimum of 10)

 New vealer section (minimum of 10)
* Encouragement award. This will be awarded to the entry that has not won another award but shows clear commercial attributes and vision to improve the herd.

* Please note that the comn1ittee encourages entrants to enter a mob if having more than the minimum numbers in a mob to gain maximum points.

All cattle must come from a commercial herd and owner breed. If the entrant also owns a registered stud it must be disclosed. (Bull calves and their mothers must be removed from the mob if breeding for your own use.) 
All entrants are to supply breeding aims and objectives. 
All cattle to be owner breed. 

There will be two judges. Judges are yet to be confirmed. 

The committee will run a bus for spectators and entrants. Bookings are essential. A small fee will apply. Contact Elders Crookwell on 48323 104 or Daniel Fitzell on 48346 041 or

The Presentation will be announced at the end of the on-property judging at the Criterion Hotel Crookwell (Middle Pub) 

Elders Crookwell 48323 104
Daniel Fitzell 48346 041
Roger McIntosh 483 73 229 

Download Competition Details (coming soon)

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