Office Bearers

President:  Ken McCallum

Vice Presidents: Phillip Price, Ally Horan, Michael Delaney and Maryellen McCormack

Public Officer:  Paul Culhane

Secretary:  Rosemary Seary

Treasurer: Paul Culhane

Publicity Officer: Paul Anderson

Grounds  Coordinator/Showground Contact: Paul Anderson

WebMaster: Sarah Lowe

Facebook: Ally Horan

Patrons: Don McIntosh, Alan McCormack, John Culley, Beatrice Williams

Sub Committee Executives

Team Penning: Roger McIntosh, Russel and Lorraine Dervent

Bake and Brew: Dennis O’Brien, Denis Marshall, John Brennan

Commercial Cattle Competition: Daniel Tarlington, Roger McIntosh, Ken McCallum

Flock Ewe Competition: Shannon Arnall, Michael Lowe, Caspar McDonald


Crookwell A.P.&H. Show

Showground Lane, Goulburn Street and East Street

Crookwell NSW 2583

© 2020 by Sarah Lowe


The A. P & H Society Secretary can be contacted by completing the form below or by calling 0487 863 289 one week before or after Showtime.