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Grounds Coordinator: Louise Gibbs

Industrial Trade/Trade Spaces: Paul Seary 

Pavilion: Louise Gibbs

Wool: Ken Hewitt

Woodchop: Lachlan McCue

Senior Showgirl: Savannah Boutsikasis/Katrina Nixon

Junior Local Showgirl: Glenda McCue

Catering Auxillary: Liz Ikin

Car and Bike Show: Bernie Hogan

Flock Ewe Competition: Shannon Arnall

Cattle:  Tim Reid


Horses Chief Steward:  Adan and Kim Derwent


Ring Master:  Allan Aynsley


Heavy Horses:  Felicity Carr


Trotting:  Damon Allport


Team Penning: Allan Derwent


Dogs NSW:  Marie Colyer


Yard Dog Trials: Nick Foster


Poultry Steward: Kim George

Duties of Stewards


1        It is the responsibility of the Chief Steward to obtain a suitable Judge for their Section

2        Stewards must be in attendance at the Showground at the hour appointed to receive Exhibits.

3        They are responsible for the proper classification of Exhibits, and all Exhibits must be placed together ready for judging.

4        They will obtain the award books from the Secretary and deliver them to the Judges, and direct them to the Exhibits they are appointed to judge.

5        As the Exhibits are removed by the Exhibitors at the close of the Show, the Stewards will check them off in their books.

6        They shall remove all Exhibitors and other persons from the vicinity of the Judges while they are judging.

7        It is suggested that after the Exhibits have been judged, the Stewards should go through their Exhibits and re-arrange them, keeping Exhibits in each class together as far as possible, but seeing that the vacant places in the stalls are filled up with the Exhibits, and that prize-taking Exhibits be brought to the front so that visitors may easily read the awards on the cards.

8        It is the duty of the Chief Steward in each section to decide on all protests.

9        The Protest Committee will adjudicate on any disputes referred by the Chief Steward of any Section, after the protest has been lodged and the rules governing protests.

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