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    The photo was taken by local photographer ‘Howard’ in 1908. It was taken on Churchill’s Paddock Site, Kialla Road, Crookwell and illustrates our Show history of that time.
Photograph details: The Lean-to on the back of the Pavilion is the Jockeys Room, it is where the entrants/prize winners did their their business. The fire place is where water was boiled for cups of tea - lucky the Pavilion survived that idea! The group surrounding the board at the back are "throwing the feathers” competition. The last item in the photograph is the Merry-go-round.
Please contact Paul Anderson if you have a copy of the original.


    Powered and Unpowered Sites are available at the Crookwell Showground Camping for special events and specially booked events. Site costs are listed under the 'Showground Camping Fees' page below


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  • Vision and Mission Statements
    Mission Statement The Crookwell A. P & H Society aim to serve and enrich the people of Crookwell and the Surrounding Districts by showcasing the agriculture and live stock resources and the endeavours of its people. Vision Statement The Crookwell Showgrounds will provide first class facilities to the community and business sector alike whilst providing the Crookwell Show Society with a strong financial position to allow it to showcase Crookwell and the Surrounding Districts' Agriculture and Live Stock resource Sector.
  • 138th Show Details
    When: Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th February 2016 Admission: $15.00 adults $6.00 - Children aged 10-16 years $6.00 Pensioners Free - Children under 10 years Car Stands: General car stands are no longer available beside the fence of the main arena but public parking will be available on the on the area inside the main front gates alongside the Showman's area Disabled Parking: Free limited parking available. Contact the secretary prior to the show Alcohol: No alcohol is to be brought into the Showground
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  • Office Bearers

    2016-17 AP&H Society Office Bearers


    President:  Ken Ikin

    Senior Vice President:  Ken McCallum


    Four (4) Vice Presidents:

    1.  Phil Price

    2.  Ally Horan

    3.  Mike Delaney

    4.  Chris Houghton


    Public Officer:  Paul Culhane


    Secretary:  Laura Clements


    Treasurer: Paul Culhane


    Show Schedule Steward:   Pauline McLaren


    Ribbon Steward: TBA


    Publicity Officer:  Paul Anderson


    Events/Grounds Coordinator: Paul Anderson



    Don McIntosh, Alan McCormack, John Culley, Beatrice Williams


  • Stewards 2016/2017

    Show STEWARDS 2016-17





    Web Master:                                 Sarah Lowe


    Face Book:                                    Ally Horan



    INDUSTRIAL TRADE/ TRADE SPACE:                           Rod Hoare  & Chris Houghton



    WOODCHOP:                               Jock Duncombe


    PATTING PADDOCK:                    Bernie Hogan



    Senior:                                            Stephanie Willson

    Junior Local:                                   Glenda McCue


    Women’s Aux:                                Liz Ikin


    Young Farmer Challenge              Gearin Price


    Car and Bike Show                       Bernie Hogan



    Chief Steward:                                 Liz Gay

    Ring Master:                                    Allan Aynsley

    Heavy Horses:                                Felicity Carr

    Trotting:                                           Damon Allport

    Team Penning:                                Roger McIntosh

                                                              Allan Derwent


    Dogs NSW:                                     Marie Colyer



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